Waiting for Tags

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In five days he’ll be flying half way around the world, unless he gets waylaid in Hawaii. That would be optimum. As a parent I can say, definitively and without any reservation, that I wish he’d just stuck to my plan. To my credit, I’m not really sure what that plan was, but I know it wasn’t for this.

Seriously, we had AFSC come and speak to our Scout Troop regarding how to register as a Conscientious Objector for the draft. Neither of our sons followed up on that suggestion, although I think that one of them has those files secreted away downtown anyhow, no matter how oblivious he may be.

So my kid, who has a great job, is moving to another country for a couple of years. My hope is that he sees the world. Should we win the lottery, we might join him in Japan. Maybe we’ll do it anyhow.

I love you. I’m proud of you and I wish for your safe travels. I’ll miss you very much.

I can’t begin to express  how much your preference of Quaker means to me.

Matthew 5:9

One thought on “Waiting for Tags

  1. Yes – you must go to visit! Thank you for sharing, dear Martha.

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