Thirty Two

We are learning to dance. At our daughter’s wedding we will not be busting “Rockem, Sockem Robot” moves like we did at our own.


I am so very fortunate to have you as my partner. You have held my hand through so many joys and sorrows. We have raised our children, said our goodbyes to those we most cherish and learned to view calamity as possibility. You are my best friend. We ask questions and find the answers in each others’ eyes; never uttering a word. You are the funniest person on Earth. I laugh a lot. I think I can count on one hand the number of times we have fought. It must be the pragmatism that you brought with you. You are thoughtful. You run it through your head three times before it comes out of your mouth. Handsome is as handsome does. I love the beard and the new guy that sports it.


Change can be a good thing. We are blessed to be able to recognize it, interact with it, embrace it, grow with it and move forward together. We are learning to dance and I am a lucky girl. Happy Anniversary, Bill.    

One thought on “Thirty Two

  1. I love you both! Very nice, Martha.

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