Just because I LIKE to carve tiny little lines doesn’t make me crazy, nor does picking up my piles of cards and straightening them before I commence play in Solitaire. Today you noticed that the spider goes a very long way to weave an intricate web, but it does get reward for the effort. Okay, so I spent two days on the drawing, but that’s because I LIKE the monsters that appear in the shady little areas and I LIKE that a portrait of Toe showed up in this one. And, it did take me more than forty hours of carving time to even think about moving on to the Bear block (They’ll be the “cute” bears, Almut.), but it’s going to look like I made it and it’s looking like it will be beautiful, as well. I do sometimes hold off on the printing because the carving is so much fun to look at and fondle for a day or two. I’m not, “Bat shit crazy”, Honey,



any more than you are fixed on shooting Woody.




I am still amazed at all of the new and exciting things we are finding out about each other after so many years. Thank you for entrusting me with your tools, Dad.

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