Do I Pee Myself in the Woods?

Last night was so much fun in our quiet, little unit. I worked on my board for a few hours. We ate pasta for dinner and I worked on my board some more. Afterward, we ate chocolate and played two games of Spite and Malice (Bill won both games. He’s not a gracious loser). Just as I had finished my nightly, herbal, bedtime tea and was sitting on the back stoop smoking my last cigarette for the night, SUDDENLY, a big black thing that was decidedly not a bounding, slobbery Newfoundland came charging straight at us from out of the woods. She was bellowing at the top of her lungs and stomping the ground with her front paws; classic, aggressive behavior. I screamed like a girl, stubbed my toe and scraped up my arm pretty good, scrambling to get back into the house. We watched the bear and her babies circle the house a few times. I won’t forget now know what a bear sounds like.

We have always wanted to end up out in the wilderness some day. If we were to think about here in East Tennessee, I would really  need to adjust my attitude. The people are really nice, gas is cheap, the environment is breathtaking, food is really expensive, taxes are very high and the bears are certainly NOT trite. I did everything wrong when faced with a good Mama. I will do it differently when I meet with her again; tonight?

In any case, the bedtime regimen didn’t work last night. I had a beer and continued to work on my board since I was too jazzed to sleep. And, in case you were wondering, tea is a diuretic.




3 thoughts on “Do I Pee Myself in the Woods?

  1. Fran Cohen says:

    As I had mentioned in an earlier comment, having bears in one’s neighborhood can be scary (though also possibly exhilerating). So sorry that you had such a fright (and were nearly mauled). So glad your scrapes do not have claw marks.

    Your adventure continues! Keep on working and blogging.

    Our jewelry sub, Nicolette, Is quite pleasant and patient as a teacher. We did enameling last Wed and enjoyed it, using various colors on a 1″ circle. Mine’s black & white on a red background. Don’t yet know what I’ll do with it–a pin or pendant, most likely.

    Hope you are having decent weather. We had rain and coolth yesterday, mostly a drizzle with occasional brief downpours. Today was warmer, breezy, partly sunny.

    • Hi, Fran. I’m glad to hear that Nicolette is doing well. It can’t be easy to walk in like she has. Our weather has been beautiful until today. I’ve got the feeling that they will open the park tomorrow, but it will be raining. Nevertheless, I’ve got my rain gear and find that it is too much work to try to walk to the trail heads. There’s so much that I want to see while I’m here. It is truly breathtaking. Can you believe that I’m almost two weeks in? Where did the time go. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the gang. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. Wendly says:

    Um…..holy crap. Love you.

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