Though Shalt Not Covet Thy Bride’s Turkey Feather

The gift I found next to my right foot while drawing at Cataract Falls (apropos) has a metallic bit of trichroic coloration; copper, green and blue. Bill has been tying flies in anticipation of fishing if the park reopens. We had purchased some Ringtail Pheasant Tail at the tackle shop, but he was hoping to nick some of my turkey feather to simulate the Birds Stonefly which the trout around here seem to enjoy. Yesterday he followed Tom, Dick and Harry around the Visitors’ Center and they bestowed upon him, his very own gift. We’ve discovered that the Rangers are too few to enforce the closure of all the trails and feel fairly certain that we can traverse the more moderate trails that have had the cones removed at the trail-heads. Perhaps we shall eat fish. In any case, I am drawing after meticulous fashion, my gift. I think that perhaps when I get home I might try to pull the print over copper cine colle. Happy trails.


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